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Lily Myers Kaplan

SoulWorks offers soul-centered counseling and personal retreats at the Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge, twenty awe-inspiring acres in the stunning Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon.


Lily Myers Kaplan, MA, an ordained minister and soul-coach for nearly thirty years, started SoulWorks and built the Sanctuary as an expression of her deeply held commitment to live a life guided by Soul.


Combining story with encounters between the human-soul and the soul-of-nature, Lily supports healing with individuals, couples and groups.


In addition to her private practice, Lily has been a graduate program director of a modern-day mystery school, a hospice volunteer manager, and is currently the executive director of a small non-profit organization called The Spirit of Resh Foundation.




Lily says:


Though I have been teaching and counseling people for nearly 30 years and have training in mythology, dreamwork, bodywork, gestalt therapy, and the voice dialogue technique ...


... my most valued credential is my practice of 

deep listening to your stories combined with 

building a connection between nature and soul.

This bridge heals and revitalizes your life.


I have found this to be true hundreds of times.

Sessions may be held in person, over the phone, or on Skype.

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