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SoulWorks Offers These Services

Individual Counseling

Find your inner wisdom, the capacity to navigate life's twists and turns, and the courage to make choices born of your own convictions.


Couples Counseling

Become more authentic, resolve conflicts, and create honest, joyful and vibrant relationships.


Ceremonial Officiant

Create a meaningful ceremony, with what matters most to you at the heart of the ritual. Weddings, memorials, and other life events.

Call for a 20-minute free consultation



The hermitage at the SoulWorks Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge is a place of modest means where spiritual seekers find quietude. In an awe-inspiring landscape with daily counsel, a hot tub and three simple and delicious meals each day, hermits find the solitude that awakens truth in response to heartfelt yearning.  For some, a simple Bed and Breakfast satisfies. That's also an option!




My Philosophy

I have found that deep listening to your stories—and sometimes sharing a bit of my own—leads to awakening into new possibilities. When combined with soul-tasks, often in nature, simple moments of peace naturally lead you toward a new story.

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